Ephesus Grand Theater
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Grand Theater of Ephesus

Today located by the end of the lower entrance of Ephesus, the Grand theater is most probably the most majestic and charming structure in Ephesus. As we know the grand theater was first build in the third century B.C. but currently standing building is a result of an extension made in Roman ages.

Ephesus Theater

Ephesus theater is believed to be one of the largest outdoor halls in ancient world, with the capacity of roughly 25.000 people. Theater was basically a performance hall but also as we know it was also used for politic and religious debates and later for gladiator fights. Clash between pagans and supporters of Christ, leaded by Saint Paul, took place over here and made Saint Paul leave Ephesus.

There are three layers of seats all having twenty-two rows. There are several gates on both sides of the theater. As we know upper gates and lower gates were separating classes of society by leading them to seats which are close or far from the stage. Stage of theater used to give a spectacular look to building thanks to its eighteen meters height. Stage wall used to have many windows and niches with statues placed in them.

Grand Theater of Ephesus where Apostle Paul once preached
Grand Theater of Ephesus where Apostle Paul once preached