Frescoes on the Walls of Grotto of Paul in Ephesus
Biblical Attractions Around Ephesus

Grotto of Apostle Paul in Ephesus

The small cave church located on the northern slope of Nightingale (Bulbul) Mountain, about 80 meters above sea level, is named Cave of Apostle Paul or Grotto of Paul. Grotto of Paul has been a Christian pilgrimage site since the second century. Discovery of the cave goes back to the late 18th century. Cave of Paul was found by a group of pilgrims who were actually looking for the tomb of Virgin Mary.

Cave of Paul in Ephesus
Cave of Paul in Ephesus

Around 300 graffiti, which prove that the cave was visited continuously until 1922, attract a lot of attention when someone visits the cave. Especially in the description on the west wall, the sermon given by the Apostle Paul, which is described in the Apocryphal documents and whose names are clearly visible, is described.