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Entrance of House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus
Articles About Biblical Ephesus

Christianization of Ephesus

The religious policy of the Emperor Constantine the Great brought along a Christianization of Ephesus, starting of the construction of church buildings and the conversion of the existing pagan structures and temples into Christian attractions. Small churches emerged from the Temple of Serapis, built in the 2nd century, and an imperial period circular structure was …

Christian Symbol in Ephesus Agora
Biblical Attractions Around Ephesus

Christian Symbol in Ephesus Agora

Agora is a wide open area belonging to the people in ancient Greek cities, where all kinds of political, religious and commercial activities related to the city took place. Lined up buildings of agoras during the Hellenistic period were the precursors of the forums that emerged in the Roman Empire. Religious festivals and theater performances …