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Pope visiting the house of virgin mary in ephesus

Today House Virgin Mary stands on the tops of ''Bulbul Mountain'' next to Ephesus Ancient City. Houses stands nine kilometers away from the city and that's why many people believe, she choose this remote place to be safe, away from pagans in the city centre. Also it is so possible that she was with Saint John when she arrived here because like it says in Holy Bible, Jesus left Mary to Saint John's protection and it can not be thought that he would leave her alone in Jerrusalem and come here alone.

House standing there and known as ''House of Mary'' is a reconstruction from 20th century. As we know the original house was destroyed before the discovery of this house's foundation in early 1900s. Today house looks more like a church and can be visited by anyone who wishes.

Also places like a holy water fountain and a wall for wished can be observed nearby the house. A visit to this house is strongly recommended for it's peaceful athmosphere and charming beauties of this area. 

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